Oral Surgery

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What is Oral Surgery?

Oral surgery refers to any surgical procedure performed on your teeth, gums, jaws or other
oral structures. This includes extractions, implants, gum grafts and jaw surgeries. Oral surgery
is usually performed by an oral and maxillofacial surgeon or a periodontist. These are dental
specialists who have advanced training in oral surgery procedures.

Why is Oral Surgery performed?

You could need oral surgery for a number of reasons. Your dentist might recommend it if you have:

• Extensive tooth decay.
• Damaged teeth.
• Gum disease.
• Impacted teeth.
• Missing teeth.
• Temporomandibular joint disorders (TMD).
• Bone loss (jaw).
• Sleep apnea.
• Oral cancer.
• Benign oral pathology (noncancerous lumps or bumps).

Who performs Oral Surgery at Advanced DDS?

As an oral and maxillofacial surgeon, Dr. Sadiq manages a wide variety of problems relating to the mouth, teeth and facial regions. Dr. Sadiq practices a full scope of oral and maxillofacial surgery with expertise ranging from dental implant surgery and wisdom tooth removal to corrective jaw surgery. This also includes techniques designed to rebuild bone structure with minimal surgical intervention and optimal patient comfort. We can also diagnose and treat facial pain, facial injuries, and fractures.

Our entire staff is CPR certified and trained in assisting with Intravenous (IV) sedation or outpatient general anesthesia in our state-of-the-art office setting. Patients are continuously monitored during and after surgery.

Advantages of Oral Surgery

Your teeth, gums and jaw joints all work together harmoniously for optimal oral health and function. The overarching goal of oral surgery is to address any issue that interferes with your health or quality of life.