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TeethXpress provides people with missing teeth a stable and predictable immediate solution. The techniques and advanced technology used to place your dental implants have been clinically tested and scientifically proven with a 95% success rate.

With our state-of-the-art TeethXpress techniques and technology, we can secure removable dentures permanently as well as replace missing teeth. The process itself takes just a few appointments to complete and you may return to work within a day or two following the completion of treatment.

Why TeethXpress is right for you?

Not only will it change your life for the better, but it will also improve your health as well. The installment of dental implants stimulates the growth of new bone in the jaw which will prevent a host of negative consequences. Often when patients rely on removable dentures, bone loss will occur as the bone and tissues supporting the teeth are no longer necessary. Bone loss is a negative consequence for the following reasons:

  • Changes facial structure and appearance
  • Increases need for frequent readjustments of dentures
  • Pain accelerates as nerve endings become exposed

Removable dentures may seem like a quick solution to a serious problem, but over time they are not economically nor physically sustainable. Constant re-adjustments, changes in appearance, pain and inconvenience cost an exorbitant amount self-esteem, patience and not to mention – Money! TeethXpress offers a permanent solution to a costly and inconvenient problem.

Dr. Brian Raskin at Advanced DDS is a certified TeethXpress provider who is passionate about providing patients with an entirely new smile that anyone would be proud of.

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Frequently Asked Questions about TeethXpress

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