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digital dentures

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Digital Dentures

In an ideal world our teeth would last an entire lifetime without failing. But that isn’t always the case for everyone. Everyday stress, tooth decay or accidents can all cause your teeth to fail.

For over 100 years, dentures have been the go-to solution for replacing missing teeth. Patients had to put up with ill-fitting dentures, often fearing they would be embarrassed if they unexpectedly loosened.

Today, with the use of computer-aided design and computer-aided manufacture (CAD/CAM) technology, dentures can be made to fit optimally and last longer. Unlike dentures of the past, these digitally-produced dentures are much stronger and much more comfortable.

At Advanced DDS, we produce digital dentures from a pre-shrunk, bio-hygienic, polychromatic acrylic puck.  Pre-shrinking prevents the issue of distortion found in traditional dentures.  With CAD/CAM technology, we provide a high quality, natural looking denture with a perfect fit.  These dentures are up to eight times stronger than traditional dentures so you will be able to eat foods you had to avoid before.

As these dentures are bio-hygienic, they eliminate most cases of tooth odor and mouth irritations. Your denture scanned information is held in the cloud, so should you lose or break your dentures, a new one can be made quickly with the same optimal fitting characteristics.

To learn how digital dentures can improve your life and more importantly, your smile and confidence, call us at 516-825-1100.