zoom® teeth whitening

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At Advanced DDS, we provide our patients with Philips ZOOM® teeth whitening treatment. It is a safe, effective, and fast way to brighten your teeth in a single office visit. The whitening treatment procedure is much more convenient than wearing trays or strips, making it a great choice for our busy patients. Not only that, but it is the best teeth whitening method that we can recommend to you since our experienced team is administering the teeth whitening gel and ensuring that it is used in the most effective way.

ZOOM® teeth whitening is done in our offices in under two hours in up to four sessions.  Your dental assistant will apply a gentle, hydrogen peroxide-based whitening gel to your teeth. The gel is then exposed to a high-intensity light. After the treatment, your teeth will be up to 6-10 shades whiter.

Zoom Whitening
Zoom Whitening

zoom® whitening

Take advantage of our Zoom whitening procedure for $450

Our most popular teeth whitening treatment.  This service covers up to four in-office sessions during your appointment, so you are assured of the most dramatic change possible with up to 8 shades whiter teeth.


Brighten your smile in time for:

• Modeling/Photography

• Weddings

• Social Events


Get the brightest white teeth you have always wanted in just one appointment. Call us to schedule.