What to eat after oral surgery?

March 18, 2015

Planning for meals after oral surgery or dental implants may be a headache. After certain oral procedures you may be required to eat liquid or soft foods only for a few days. Some people choose the all-you-can-eat ice cream diet. But we recommend eating food that will help your nutrition and dietary needs.

Foods such as fruits, vegetables, low-fat dairy foods and lean meats, eggs and beans are full of nutrient. They provide vitamins, minerals and nutrients needed for healing such as zinc, protein, and vitamins A and C.

Here are some nutrition-rich food suggestions we have created for patients that require liquid or soft foods after their oral surgery:

- Scrambled eggs

- Oatmeal or cream of wheat (make it with milk instead of water to boost the nutrition)

- Soup with soft vegetables or pureed or cream soups

- Soft cheeses and cottage cheese

- Pudding and custard

- Meatloaf

- Mashed potatoes (mixed with powdered milk to boost nutrition)

- Sorbet and frozen yogurt

- Soft-cooked, shredded chicken and meat

- Protein shakes

- Tofu

- Ripe fruits cut into pieces like peaches and nectarines

- Pasta and noodles

- Peanut butter

- Avocado

- Applesauce

- Macaroni and cheese

- Pancakes

- Mashed bananas

- Cooked vegetables like carrots, squash, green beans and spinach

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