Wear Your Dentures With Confidence.

May 21, 2014

Talk, laugh, sing, and eat with confidence again.

The 3M Denture Attachment System is a revolutionary denture technology that works with your current dentures. They snap out, snap in, and stay put with absolutely no messy pastes or adhesives.

Benefits of the 3M Denture Attachment System:

  •  Bite into an apple and eat steak again
  • Use your current dentures (in most cases)
  • No major surgery or long recovery
  • A fraction of the cost for more invasive options

How does the 3M Denture Attachment System work?

Only a certified dentist will be allowed to perform this procedure in which miniature post are placed along your gum line. These posts will then snap into small O-ring receptacles locking onto the posts. These mini dental implants (MDI) system secures your dentures firmly in place while also allowing them to be snapped out and in again.

What is the procedure like?

The procedure is usually completed in a single appointment lasting just over an hour. You may feel some discomfort for the first 48 hours, which is typically treated with ibuprofen or other over the counter medications. Unlike more invasive options, this won’t require months of painful recovery.

Will the MDI system work for me?

This revolutionary system is ideal for many denture patients. Some patients may not have the proper bone structure. Your certified dentist will determine whether or not you are a candidate. This system is a great option for patients:

- With full upper, full lower or partial dentures

- Intimidated by the cost and long recovery time of full-size implants

- Without enough bone to allow for full-size implants

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