The Benefits of Same Day Crowns

Because damaged teeth cannot heal themselves, they need some help from a dentist to be repaired or replaced. Through a process called dental restoration, dentists can help restore a smile to its original glory even if the teeth have extensive tooth decay—and no one may have to know! Dental restorations are made from a fabricated material (usually porcelain, ceramic, and/or acrylic) to look and feel just like a natural tooth. This allows you to continue eating, speaking, and smiling as usual without having to worry about a thing. One of the most commonly made dental restorations is called a crown—the portion of the tooth that we can visibly see in the mouth. Because there is such a high demand for dental crowns, some dental offices offer same day crowns (crowns that are made the same day of your appointment) so that patients can go home with a functional, natural-looking tooth.

What Can I Expect at A Typical Dental Restoration Appointment?

Depending on the type of restoration that needs to be made, the process may vary. Initially, the dentist will likely take x-rays and do a thorough exam of the mouth to assess what work needs to be done to restore the teeth (or tooth). After the dentist takes an impression or digital scan of your teeth and deems you a candidate for a restoration, they can send the impression or scan to a lab where the restoration is made (dental crown, bridge, dentures, etc.). From there, you will have to wait until the restoration is shipped from the lab to the dentist’s office. This can take days to weeks. Once the shipment is in, the dentist will call you to let you know and schedule an appointment for you to come in and “try-in” the new dental prosthetic. If anything needs to be changed that cannot be done in the office, there will be more waiting time. This is because the dentist has to send the restoration back to the lab to be altered or re-made and wait for the finished product to be sent back all over again.

How Can A Dental Office Offer Same Day Crowns?

Because dental restorations that are sent to an outside lab to be made can take weeks to be made correctly and sent back, some dentists offer an in-house lab as an amenity. Everything from the shade and size of the tooth to the comfort level and material used gets to be hand chosen by the dentist when the restoration is made in their on-site dental lab. Likewise, when it is created in-house, simple restorations such as a single tooth crown can be made within the same day as the appointment!

So, What Are The Main Benefits of Same Day Crowns?

In summary, same day crowns offer the following benefits:

  • Restored confidence (all in ONE day)
  • Less waiting time
  • Precise fit and shade (the same lab technicians that create the crown can see the patient’s teeth in person to match the exact color and shape)
  • More free time to spend doing the things that you love!

Spend less time waiting and more time enjoying your beautiful, restored smile with same day crowns. Advanced DDS is a full-service dental practice in Garden City, NY equipped with an on-site dental lab. Schedule an appointment for same day crowns at 516-825-1100.

inforgraphic describing all of the main benefits of getting a "same day crown" put on at the dentist.

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