Summer Activities for Kids


May 1, 2015

Are you counting down the final hours until your kid is done with school? As parents, we understand the first few days will be fun, but then the “I’m bored” whines and cries set in.

We have collected ideas from the parents at Advanced DDS on some fun summer activities that can chase away your child’s boredom away. Here are 3 popular summer activities that are free or very inexpensive and allow your kid’s imaginations to run wild:


  1. Art on the lawn. Place a big sheet on the lawn and push some long nails through each corner of the sheet. Make sure the nails are all the way down into the grass so that only the nail heads are showing. Fill some styrofoam bowls with a variety of paint colors. Your kids can use either sponge paint brushes, hands or fingers to create a masterpiece.
  1. Sidewalk Chalk Games. There are many different chalk games your kids will enjoy such as playing sponge bull’s-eye. Simply draw a bull’s-eye full of colors on the sidewalk/driveway and assign point values to each circle of the target. Create a starting line for the kids and fill a bucket with water. Soak the sponge in the water then have your kids toss the sponge at the target.

Alphabet Treasure Hunt. Line the alphabetic letters in order outside in a spacious area. Have your kid look for the items that start with each alphabet and place it under the letter. See what creative items your kids will find.


We hope you and your child will enjoy these summer activities. Summer may be all fun and games but it also very important for your child to maintain their regular oral health routine.

Take advantage of your child’s summer vacation and schedule their preventive care appointment with Advanced DDS at 516-825-1100.



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