My Invisalign Story

April 14, 2015

For a year and a half, I've been asking myself, “Do I want to get Invisalign?” From far away, my teeth look perfectly straight. However, when someone is talking to me close up that I’m afraid they may notice that slight imperfection of my front teeth. My upper two teeth on top are slightly different in length and my lower front tooth is slightly crooked.

I never thought someone would ever notice the slight imperfections in my teeth, since I was always told by many that my teeth looked perfectly straight without ever having braces. However, one random day, my co-worker pointed out to me that my top front teeth are not the same length. I was shocked and I started to think, Wow, how many people have noticed this.

As a little girl, my mother stressed the importance of first impressions. Now, I constantly think back to how many people noticed my crooked lopsided teeth. As a young-adult, I feel that it is important to look my best from head to toe for business, social reasons and especially special occasions.

I asked my dentist, Dr. Brian Raskin at Advanced DDS, if I would be a good candidate for Invisalign. He reassured me that Invisalign Express is my answer. Now, I cannot wait to start my Invisalign treatment because I know once it’s completed I won’t have to worry if anyone will notice my slanted front teeth.

I’m extremely conscious of my spending budget. As a recent graduate from SUNY Geneseo, I’m doing my best balancing my money with rent, student loan, bills, car payments and more. However, regaining my confidence and happiness is priceless.

I’m currently waiting to have my wisdom tooth removed before starting my Invisalign treatment. But I know I’m one step closer to my perfect smile. Life is too short, you don’t know what tomorrow may bring, so why not invest in yourself.

Check out the chart below on what I've found regarding Invisalign treatment. I did over a year’s research on Invisalign and here are just the interesting facts and figures I have found.

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