Is Dental Insurance Worth Having?

Dental insurance is often purchased when a consumer thinks it will benefit them financially. In certain situations, insurance may actually be more of a financial burden than a benefit. In a recent article published by Aetna Dental Insurance states that, “having dental insurance is great when you don’t need a lot of treatment.” This is because of an insurance term referred to as your “maximum allowable benefits,” which refers to the maximum amount of money that the insurance company is willing to cover before you have to pay the remaining balance. For example, if you need a crown and two fillings that will cost $1200.00 but your maximum allowable benefit amount is $1000.00, you will be responsible for paying the $200.00 that isn’t covered under your insurance plan plus any deductible and/or co-pay expenses. Furthermore, not all dental treatments are covered at 100%, some are only covered at 75%, 50% or 0%, depending on what the insurance company chooses. The truth is, simple treatments such as dental cleanings are usually covered at 100% because they help to prevent major dental problems—the problems that are costly for both you and the insurance company.

Be Careful and Read the Fine Print

As with any contract that you may have to sign or adhere to, there are clauses that are necessary for you to read in order to protect you against unforeseen expenses. Therefore, it is vital that you read the fine print! If your insurance plan states that cleanings are covered at 50%, even if they cost less than your maximum allowed benefits, you will owe money as your insurance does not cover the full cost of your treatment. Furthermore, you will still be responsible for paying your monthly deductible and paying a co-pay if applicable during the time of your appointment.

Do You Suffer from Dental Fear and Anxiety? Dental Insurance May Not Be as Helpful for You

If you are someone who puts off going to the dentist because it terrifies you, you will likely need more treatment than someone that gets their bi-annual cleanings. Dental cleanings are meant to be preventive, but if you aren’t going to the dentist then you may have a lot of plaque and/or tooth decay (cavities) that need to be treated. Once you step foot into the dentist’s office after years of feeling anxious, you may be shocked to find out that you need hundreds to thousands of dollars’ worth of dental work and your insurance only covers a small percentage of your treatment. In cases like this, dental insurance may not be as helpful for you.

The Best Way to Save Money at The Dentist – With or Without Dental Insurance

The absolute number one way to avoid high costs at the dentist’s office is by keeping up with your regular dental visits. In the long run, more preventive care visits = less pain and money spent at the dentist (in most cases, but not all). This is because preventive care is meant to prevent disease! Spending more time on prevention will save both time and money for you and your dentist.

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