Child’s Dental Appointment Tips

June 24, 2015

There is no greater love than a parent’s unconditional love for their child. No matter what the situation may be, as a parent, you will stand by your child. You will guide them through life’s minor and major problems.

We understand that there are times when it gets stressful and we struggle to find the right choices for our children. With over 25 years of experience in the dental field, we would like to help your journey of being parents. Here are some important do’s and don’ts for parents during your child’s dental appointment:

Don’t Say: “Don’t worry; he’s not going to do anything today.”

It may never have occurred to your child that he/she should be worried about going to the dentist. This may also imply to your child that if anything is to be done they should be worried.

Instead… encourage your child to get to know their dentist.

Don’t Say: “He wants you to open your mouth.”

Repeating what the dentist is saying will cause your child to focus on your voice instead of the dentist. Instead… sometimes staying out of the room allows your child to feel more relaxed.

Don’t Say: “Don’t worry; I won’t let him hurt you.”

This will cause distrust between your dental provider and your child. They will see their dentist as someone that will hurt them.

Instead… teach your child that the dental team is friendly and trustworthy.

Don’t Say: “Are you giving him a shot?”

Word choice must be used carefully. Using the words like shot, drill, pull out, etc. may cause your child unwanted anxiety and fear.

Instead… when your dental team tells your child that they are putting “sleepy water” on the tooth, play along.

Don’t Say: “I told you not to eat candy! It’s your fault that this is going to hurt.”

Dental treatment should never be compared to a punishment. Your child should feel safe, relaxed and happy during their dental visit.

Instead… reinforce and supervise the tips your child’s dentist provides to help maintain a healthy mouth. This is also a perfect opportunity for your child to learn the importance of proper oral hygiene.

These are just a few suggestions from our years of experience with children. We encourage our readers to comment and submit additional parental suggestions. These suggestions will help other parents understand the do’s and don’ts when bringing their child to the dentist.

Building a relationship with you and your child is important to the team at Advanced DDS, located in Garden City, NY. Dr. Cristina Georgescu is our Pediatric Dentist who will be returning to the team in July. She had taken a few months off to complete her Boards Certification. Continuing education is an essential to our team at Advanced DDS because it allows us to provide the best service to our patients.

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