Cheapest Dentist?

October 16, 2015

A recent NYC TV news segment suggested ways consumers might be able to reduce or “slash” their dental procedure costs by “shopping around”, using one of a couple of online price comparison sites, heading off to a dental school for service or “negotiating a price” by paying cash.

Dozens of Long Island dentists have responded quickly in blogs, posts on their websites and conversations between themselves. Their take is as follows: why should going to the dentist be viewed as a commodity; in other words, all dentist are not the same? Their skills are not identical? Their post graduate training differs tremendously. The equipment in their offices differs. In essence, every dentist and every office is unique. Is cheaper better? Not often and definitely not when it comes to your health.

“Insurance providers have helped turn consumers into commodity buyers when it comes to dental care” says Dr. Brian Raskin of Advanced DDS in Garden City. “Many patients don’t take into account that there is an expertise to doing their dentistry. There is different quality of materials that can be used and different quality of laboratories. “   He continues; “You aren’t likely to shop around for the cheapest hernia operation…you check a Doctor’s experience, or perhaps use a referral. Why then do consumers consider “shopping” for dental work? “

Many area dental offices commit to keeping up with the latest state-of-the-art technology, advanced training and most important; maintaining patient safety through proper infection control. Dr.  Raskin makes this suggestion on selecting a dentist; “check out their education, try to determine if they are up to date in their techniques and materials, do they participate in advanced training, have they invested in office technology, and again investigate the cleanliness of the office and their infection control protocols. Also, check out their online reviews. That way you are making an educated choice when it comes to something as important as long term dental care. Cheaper is not always better.

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