Wisdom Teeth Removal Guide – Prepare, During & Recovery

As we get older and gain life experience, we are said to become wiser. One major milestone that marks wisdom is the appearance of your third molars, commonly referred to as your “wisdom teeth.” These teeth usually begin protruding between the ages of 17 and 21.

It is normal to feel a little discomfort when your wisdom teeth first appear. However, there are various reasons why people get their wisdom teeth extracted, whether it’s to prevent future dental problems from developing or to stop the eruption pains.

Everyone has a different reason for wisdom teeth removal. Here are five common reasons for extraction of the third molars:

  1. Food becoming trapped in the back of your mouth, near your wisdom teeth. This can give cavity-causing bacteria a place to grow and decay teeth.
  2. Difficulty flossing between the wisdom teeth and the molars next to them.
  3. Partially erupted wisdom teeth can give bacteria a place to enter the gums and cause an infection to occur. This may lead to pain, swelling and stiffness in your jaw.
  4. Crowded or damaged neighboring teeth.
  5. Impacted wisdom teeth can form a cyst on or near the impacted tooth. This could damage the roots of nearby teeth or destroy the bone that supports your teeth.

Before making any decisions, your mouth will be examined, and a panoramic x-ray will be reviewed by the oral surgeon. The best treatment will then be recommended to you.

How to Prepare for the Extraction

Go in clean: Before you go in for treatment, make sure you have flossed, brushed your teeth, and scrape your tongue.

Set-up a recovery area: Before leaving your house, you will want to set-up a room with water, elevated pillows, and a sleeping station with entertainment.

Stock-up on pre-made food: You’ll be recovering and will need to save your time and energy on relaxing. Here are some quick recipes that will help you maintain nutrients and have a pain free recovery: bit.ly/2HeTy2o

During the Procedure

Ask to see our comfort menu: Complimentary items on our comfort menu can help reduce your dental anxiety during the procedure.

Avoid hyperventilating: Inhaling too much carbon dioxide can make you nervous and lightheaded. Try to relax and focus on your breathing or listen to calm music.

Bring a friend, family member, or significant other: Have them hold your hand and be by your side for support.

Wear comfortable, loose clothing with layers: Short sleeves are helpful for IV Sedation. Bring a hoodie or cardigan to cover up and wear sweatpants, leggings, or jeans for comfort. We also offer all our IV Sedation patients complimentary ultra-soft fleece blankets.

Bring in-ear headphones to isolate outside noises:  Connect to the office Wi-Fi and listen to music or a podcast. We also have Televisions in each room, so you can watch your favorite shows. Do not worry if you forget to bring your headphones. We offer patients complimentary disposable headphones.

After you are done with your treatment under IV Sedation, you will be monitored until your vitals and breathing are back to normal.

After the Procedure and Recovery Time

It typically takes four days to a week for recovery, as long as the surgery is straightforward with no infection or other complications.

Here are some quick recovery tips:

  • No solid foods or rinsing with saltwater for the first 24 hours
  • Stay elevated for the first 3 days, do not drop your head below your heart
  • Do not smoke or spit, this will help you prevent a dry socket
  • Drink a lot of water
  • Limit strenuous activity, if possible

At Advanced DDS, your Garden City Dentist, we want to make sure you can maintain healthy and a pain free oral health. If your wisdom teeth cause you continuous discomfort, there could be an oral health risk developing in the back of your mouth. Make sure to schedule a consultation with our oral surgeon, Dr. Blum to discuss potential extraction and treatment options. Call today at (516) 825-1100.

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