Benefits of Drinking Water Daily

May 21, 2015

Take a second and think, how many glasses of water are you drinking a day? I’m not talking about any type of beverage, just water alone. According to Barry M. Popkin, Kristen E. D’Anci and Irwin H. Rosenberg, in the Nutrition Reviews, they have found that on average the normal adult should be consuming 8-12 cups of water a day!

This might sound impossible, especially, if you’re like me and drink at most 3 cups of water a day. But ever since I learned of the benefits and was determined to break my bad habits, I found several improvements in my life.

Here are the top benefits I have experienced from drinking the recommended amount of water daily:

My Complexion. My acne has significantly subsided and there is a glow to my face.

Bye-bye Dehydration. I no longer feel tired or dizzy during my normal routine. My body is fully energized and ready to go.

Weight Loss. Dehydration can trick your brain into thinking you’re hungry. I feel so much healthier now that I am snacking less.

Saving Money. Since I started using reusable water bottles I no longer need to spend my money on soft drinks and other beverages at home.

Significantly increasing the amount of water you consume is hard, but don’t give up. Have a reusable bottle filled with water by your side at all times and you’ll find yourself hydrating more frequently.

Please note that over-consumption of water is bad for you as well. Water intoxication is rare, but it can happen if you drink too much water too quickly. It can happen with levels as low as 3 liters, which is a little less than a gallon, per hour.

Please contact your physician before significantly increasing the amount of water you consume.

Referral Source: Popkin, B. M., D’Anci, K. E., & Rosenberg, I. H. (2010). Water, Hydration and Health. Nutrition Reviews, 68(8), 439–458. doi:10.1111/j.1753-4887.2010.00304.x


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