It’s time for Advanced DDS’s latest raffle! But you don’t have to just refer just friends – you can send along family members to our practice too… as long as they are 18 years or older! Each time you make a referral, we’ll say “THANKS!” with a special gift, and enter you into our raffle…

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The Link Between High Blood Pressure and Oral Health

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Plenty of people don’t realize that your mouth can actually provide some pretty intriguing insights about your overall health. For example, if a dentist notices that you have ulcers in your mouth, that could be an indication of an underlying condition (although, this is not always the case). Likewise, conditions such as high blood pressure…

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Can Exercise Affect Oral Health?

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A study published in the British Dental Journal suggests that non-smokers who exercise regularly have a 54% lower chance of developing gum disease than people that don’t exercise! This finding would suggest that yes, exercise affects oral health- specifically gum health. Interestingly, the same study found that non-smokers who only exercised 3 times a week…

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Can Stress Affect Your Dental Health?

April is Stress Awareness Month, so in the spirit of boosting awareness, we’re answering one of the most common questions that we get from patients: “can stress affect your dental health?” The short answer is yes, 100% stress can and will affect your teeth directly and indirectly. Most of the time, patients don’t even realize…

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Wisdom Teeth Basics

We often hear stories of teenagers and adults having their wisdom teeth taken out, which may lead some to wonder about their own wisdom teeth. For example, you might start to question what wisdom teeth are, where they are located, and if you have to get yours out as well. When do wisdom teeth grow…

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The Benefits of Same Day Crowns

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Because damaged teeth cannot heal themselves, they need some help from a dentist to be repaired or replaced. Through a process called dental restoration, dentists can help restore a smile to its original glory even if the teeth have extensive tooth decay—and no one may have to know! Dental restorations are made from a fabricated…

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The Top 5 Dental Friendly Snack Foods

February is National Snack Food Month! Snacking can quickly lead to over-eating, and too much snacking can have dental consequences. Therefore, it’s best to choose wisely, and to try to limit how frequently you snack. Likewise, we recommend sticking to the “most things in moderation is okay” rule. In other words, not every snack is…

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Dental Care Without Dental Insurance: Yes, It’s Possible

Many Americans are under the assumption that if they don’t have dental insurance, they have to pay astronomical fees in order to get proper dental care. Surprise—that isn’t true. In fact, most dental insurances require subscribers to meet a deductible while paying a monthly premium only for them to find out that certain services (such…

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5 Tips To Help Avoid Cravings and Cavities

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The holidays are a time of happiness, family, friends, and indulgence (including the indulgence of sugar), to name a few. Often times when we get caught up in the holiday cheer, we tend to replace healthy foods with sweets and baked goods that are high in sugar. While everything in moderation is fine, some of…

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The Advantage of Clear Aligners

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More people struggle with orthodontic issues than we can count! Yet, few understand the importance of straight teeth and a proper bite. Straight, properly aligned teeth are crucial for a variety of different reasons. For one, oral hygiene is much easier to maintain when all of the teeth have a visible, flat surface area to…

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