5 Best Ways To Recover From Dental Treatment

Like any other procedure that involves the body, dental treatments may require some down time for rest and recovery. Depending on what you have had done, recovery tips usually come down to the same five components for speedy healing. The most tried and true methods that tend to work best emphasize taking it easy (in regards to eating, brushing and flossing your teeth, and physical activity). Furthermore, there may be other more personalized recommendations given to you by your dentist or oral surgeon, and the following dental recovery tips should never override that advice.

5 Tips for A Smooth Dental Treatment Recovery

In order to make your recovery as quick and as smooth as possible, try some of these tips:

1. Warm saltwater rinses

Anytime you have dental work done, dentists usually recommend to rinse with warm saltwater a couple times a day for the next few days. This is because the salt helps to speed up the healing process and keep the treated area clean.

2. Limit physical activity

Sometimes excessive physical activity can cause an increase in swelling and bleeding, so it’s best to take it easy and conserve your energy.

3. Apply cold compresses

Most dentists recommend applying ice for 20 minutes on and then 20 minutes off, all day for at least the first 24 hours after treatment. This will help reduce swelling and ease any associated pain.

4. Eat soft foods

Maintaining a diet of soft foods on the opposite side of where the treatment was completed is best. If treatment involved the entire mouth, consult your dental professional on what to eat and what not to eat. Anything that is hard, crunchy, sticky or chewy may cause undue stress on the jaw and allow food particles to get stuck in the treated area.  

5. Take any prescribed medications including antibiotics as directed

Sometimes medications for infections and pain are given for use after the treatment. If no medications were prescribed for you, take over the counter pain relievers according to the directions in order to help with pain and swelling.

Dental treatment recovery usually takes between a few days to a couple of weeks, depending on the procedure. As long as you adhere to your dentist or oral surgeon’s aftercare instructions, and keep up with your dental hygiene as instructed, the recovery process should be relatively smooth. If you have any concerns or questions, contact your dental healthcare professional for more personalized recommendations. Advanced DDS is a premiere dental practice in Nassau County, NY where our team of professionals offer full-service dental treatment from oral surgery to cosmetic dental care and routine cleanings. Schedule a dental consultation today at 516-825-1100.

A list of 5 tips for dental recovery

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