3 DIY Father’s Day Gift Ideas

June 19, 2015
Dads are our heroes, best friends, protectors and providers. As Sigmund Freud once said, “I cannot think of any need in childhood as strong as the need for a father’s protection.” With Father’s Day around the corner, we would like to help with your Father’s Day gift.

Our Garden City dental office is more than just dentistry; it’s sharing the incredible journey with them. Our patients are our family, and we would like to wish an early Father’s Day to all the special Dads out there.

In case you haven’t gotten anything for Father’s Day yet, we’ve compiled a list of our favorite Father’s Day DIY gifts.



1. Make a book and title it A Book All About The Best Dad In The World. Include pictures of your family, draw out special memories you have with your Dad and write different reasons why your Dad is the best in the world.


2. Create a collage with your family members holding a sign stating why each one loves their Daddy. Make sure to have a small sign saying “Daddy, we love you because…”

3. Prepare a jar full of ideas on family activities you can do together. Try to pick a slip every weekend and enjoy the family fun. Here are some ideas: go bowling, try different recipes, a trip to the beach, watch a movie, go out to dinner, miniature golfing and amusement parks.


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