Are you missing multiple teeth and need to consider options for their replacement?

Do you wear dentures and find they slip or fit poorly?

Do you worry about being embarrassed should your dentures fall out?

Are you not able to eat the foods you love?

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Dr. Raskin, a fully certified provider, brings  over 35 years of dental expertise to TeethXpress. Our dedicated dental team will review in depth, what advantages TeethXpress provides and completely answer all your questions. We want you to be 100% comfortable with your decision to choose TeethXpress. TeethXpress’s advanced technology has a scientifically-proven 95% success rate.

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While it may be surprising to know that tooth loss is quite common, you don’t have to live with hiding your smile any longer. Whether you lost teeth from an accident, decay or disease, TeethXpress can provide you with teeth that look and feel just like your natural teeth. For many, TeethXpress can provide you new teeth in just one day!

TeethXpress is a dental implant treatment that combines a multiple tooth denture that is secured with implants. It provides patients with teeth that perform just like your natural teeth, eliminating the annoyances and embarrassments that come with old fashioned dentures.

For a limited time, the initial TeethXpress scan of your mouth is free - a $400 value!

Call today for your appointment and be sure to ask about your free scan.

" I can't believe how easy and fast it was to get my crown.  One appointment - one day! And it didn't hurt at all!"

- Anna C.


Get back the functionality and appearance of your natural teeth. Learn more about TeethExpress at Advanced DDS, Garden, City, NY.