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Advanced DDS’s investment in the latest in dental technology provides the utmost in patient safety, greatly minimizes or eliminates pain, reduces any appointment apprehensions and frequently eliminates the need for multiple visits.  From our new on site dental lab to our patented waterline treatment system, come see how this technology is a game changer in your dental care.

In-House Dental Laboratory

Advanced DDS has partnered with Digital Dental Design Studio, a state-of-the-art dental lab located on-site at Advanced DDS, to provide our patients with the best dental experience and results.

So, what does having an in-house dental lab mean for you, our patient?

  • Eliminates extra dental visits
  • Allows for same-day porcelain crowns
  • Goodbye messy impression materials
  • Better aesthetics
  • Long-lasting restorations

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Single-Visit Custom Crowns and Onlays with CEREC 3D

New dental technologies and specialized instrumentation means patients spend much less time in a dental chair. One such innovation is called CEREC 3D. It allows the dentist to quickly restore your damaged teeth with natural-colored ceramic fillings and can be completed in a single visit, saving you time and the inconvenience of multiple visits with other procedures.

Digital Impressions

In our continued effort to provide the highest levels of comfort and convenience along with quality outcomes for our patients, we have introduced our newest digital impression scanner to our practice.

For those who find that “old school” process of messy impressions as uncomfortable or causing gagging, our digital scanning technology eliminates those problems. The scanner provides exceptional digital images in typically three to five minutes using a small pen like instrument. The images capture precise details of both your teeth and gums which then form the basis for the completion of several types of dental restorations including crowns, implants bridges and orthodontics.

In a nutshell, digital impressions offer you these advantages:

  • eliminates the need for messy, multiple impressions and associated gagging
  • allows the fitting of more accurate restorations
  • reduces the possibility for impression errors
  • patients can view images in real time
  • restorations can be completed in our office

Intra-Oral Camera

Using a miniature camera placed in your mouth, we are able to show you problems that may require attention. The area is magnified 24 times! You’ll be amazed at how clear it all appears on the TV screen you view. This integrated computer system helps us gather and save important data about your dental health. Your electronic chart includes actual photographs of your teeth and gum and can allow us to track any possible gum disease. The use of an intraoral camera is a part of our philosophy to provide patients the most up-to-date dental technology in the care of their teeth.

Cosmetic Imaging Center

A picture is worth a thousand words and that’s just what you’ll find using our “before and after” Cosmetic Imaging Center. Looking to get teeth straightened, replace one or more missing teeth or want to whiten your teeth?

See just how your smile could look on our imaging software TV screen. You can review and share these images with family and friends prior to deciding on a treatment plan. Please call us and schedule a no risk appointment for your complimentary cosmetic imaging consultation. Too busy to come to our office? No problem, you can email us a photo of your smile and we’ll send you a picture of how your smile could look after cosmetic dentistry.

VistaClear™ Dental Waterline Treatment System

Advanced DDS takes pride in establishing a high priority for patient safety from the simplest routine cleaning to our more complex dental procedures. Patients can take comfort in knowing that we utilize our VistaClear™sytem in each treatment room.

What is VistaClear?™

VistaClear™ is a patented dental waterline treatment system. Water is channeled through proprietary filtration technology that delivers high quality water to each treatment room in the office. This system eliminated 99.9999% of bacterial contamination in dental unit waterlines used for irrigation, cooling, lubrication, and scaling procedures.

Digital X-Rays

While our patients are understandably concerned about x-ray exposure, x-rays are a valuable and necessary resource to detect dental disease.

At Advanced DDS, your safety is one of priorities. X-rays performed in our office are quite safe with our advanced x-ray machines. Our team uses only the necessary exposure required for your digital x-ray. Our x-ray machine reduces radiation by 80 percent, so you can rest assure that you are receiving the best dental care in the safest way possible.

Cone Beam CT Scanner

In a continuing effort to provide our patients with the most convenient and safe treatment options, Advanced DDS utilizes the Orthophos S 3D CBCT machine. Our cone beam CT scanner uses the latest dental technology to provide high 3D resolution images for precise views of your mouth and jaw. The 3D imaging coupled with the auto-focus feature allows for more accurate imaging allowing our team to determine the best treatment options.

With our CT scanner you don’t need to have your CT images done elsewhere saving you extra appointments. Your treatment planning from start to finish is all done in our office through to your final restoration.